Groupe Chantelle markets lingerie brands throughout the world, creating a close relationship with their consumers. The Group’s expertise lies in its ability to accentuate women’s own beauty and in its know-how in activities ranging from design to distribution.

Groupe Chantelle contributes to the well-being and
respect of women via its business, its actions towards the society and its staff relations.

To insure the development of Groupe Chantelle and its employees, four values are considered as fundamental:

Striving for excellence in everything we do.
• The flawless quality – both in the products we market and the services we provide
• Attention to detail
• Rigour regarding cost management and overall performance

Actively listening to what people are saying both inside and outside the Group with the ultimate goal of serving our clients.
• Respecting facts and using common sense
• Being curious and open-minded
• Listening based on respect, with particular attention being paid to female voices

An entrepreneurial spirit, taking initiative to help develop the Group.
• Projecting spontaneity and enthusiasm
• Contributing to the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit through new ideas, proposals and initiatives
• Firmly committing to help the Group continuously evolve and adapt itself

Working together in a climate of friendship and mutual respect.

Living by these values is constantly encourage, reinforced and recognized.

Groupe Chantelle wants to assume its role as a responsible international player thanks to its position of leading company and by taking part in societal initiatives.

Consistently to its mission:

Groupe Chantelle is committed to contribute to respect for Women and their expression in the world.