Contributing to women's respect means, first of all, defending every girl's right to education, so that she can become a free woman. Therefore, for the fourth consecutive year, Groupe Chantelle is an official partner of La Flamme Marie Claire.

During the four past years, the Marie Claire Rose action has significantly contributed to the development of girls’ education in Cambodia, Senegal, Benin and France. In 2010, this operation has evolved and has become “La Flamme Marie Claire”. Candles lightening up girls’ future. Flames, vibrating with hope, which will spread the light of knowledge.

From may 6th to june 30th, time of Mother’s day, those candles will be sold for 4€ in each of our French retail network:  Darjeeling, Orcanta, Chantelle, Passionata.

All profits (2.19€ per candle) will benefit three charities:
Toutes à l’école: For the construction of a college in the Happy Chandara School in Cambodia.
La Chaîne de l’Espoir : For the construction of a school in Panshir valley in Afghanistan.
L’AFEV (Association de la fondation étudiante pour la ville): For education support programs for children in difficulty in France.

You too, illuminate a girl’s future by buying a candle.
It will make a refined gift full of sense for Mother’s Day.

Further information and online donation:

Photo Credit : Stéphane Combre.